I never thought there would be something that google didn't know... but this is it.

This tab


has a few odd "g"'s thrown about, and the key claims that the "g's" are "ghosts."

What the h3ll is a ghost? How do I play it? The song would be easy enough if I could figure out the tab... sheesh.

Thanks for your help, if I get any.

The best description of a ghost note, is a note that is felt but not heard. You will play the note softer, and without emphasis.

Straight off the first link from google... Remember google is your friend.
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As far as I know a ghost note is something which is played but hammered on instantly, so it barely sounds, but then again that's probably wrong
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Yeah, like CJ said it's felt but not heard. There should be a note there but you hardly even play it. They use them a lot in funk on the note before the riff is repeated, if that helps. Although this guy may be using it as synonymous as a dead note, but I don't think so. Listen to the track and see what the bassist is doing there.

And a ghost note is where you finger the note, but as my teacher says, you "swallow" the note. So like there's a space there.....Hard to explain
Interesting, the DVD version that is fairly recent plays it differently. Look it up on youtube, it's similar, but I think the recurring run always comes back down to the root note and not stopping on the 7th.