I need some songs which can improve my rhythm playing. I am a beginner and I need them more for the chords and less for the speed. Help me please!!!
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Turn on the radio to any station and just start strumming to the rhythm of the song. Mute all the strings with your hand. Or play a CD, etc. Small things like this will help you to eventually "feel" the beat and pick it up faster. Also, drumming with your hands to the beat of something helps too. It's almost like drumming syncopation.
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If you want to improve your rhythmical patterns try to look at different music such as Funk, Latin Music or Flamenco. This musical styles use the rhythmical guitar as a rhythmical section of the group. For example in Flamenco the rhythm guitar is very percussive (really you need to listen to it to understand it better). Also try to listen to acoustic music where the strumming patterns are easy and clean.
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