as the title sugests, in this forum there should be a forum dedicated to the needs of vk users and potential users/buyers of this amp.

it is too often that there are around 3-8 vk threads at the one time all of someone wanted to know something about the vk.

i think this would be a good idea, so yeh, what do you think?

i personally cant make it as ive only been a vk user for a short time and havent had enough experience with this product to make the necessary comments/advice etc etc.

so yeh just a thought!

anyone keen on doing this? or did i just make another annoying valveking related thread?
why didn't you make this the ultimate valveking thread?

Edit: haha sorry, i read the rest of your post.

if this were to be the official thread tho, people could still post lots of useful info about it.. then you could just copy paste it to the top again.
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This would be a nice addition to this forum. Especially since the valveking can be had for such a great price. Alas, I can't do it either since I dont own one. I do play one everytime I go to the local guitar shop though.
I seem to remember that there already is a Valveking thread.
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Multiple threads about the same amp occur because people don't use the search bar. Like you didn't, either. Thus yet another VK thread.
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This thread if fail in almost every way imaniganable.