Hey, I was wondering if I could get any help on achieving a good recorded sound.
I listened to some guy on youtube, playing a Laney GH100L head, recorded with an SM57, and it was so thick and awesome, sounded like my amp does usually.
When I record my amp (GH50L with an SM57), it sounds much thinner and more fizzy and brittle.
I can never get that thick meaty distortion.
It's always either muffled, thin, or just plan ****.
I've tried recording two guitar tracks, one panned hard left, one hard right, but can't seem to get it to sound good.

When I record a riff using my computers built in mic, other than it being low quality, it sounds more like my amp. The SM57 makes it sounds crappy.

I AM using a Behringer cab, which might have something to do with it, but I wouldn't think it'd sound that bad recorded if it sounds so good usually.

My recording setup is Laney GH50L/Behringer BG412V>SM57>Mackie Onyx Satellite>Garageband.

Would putting 6L6 tubes in as opposed to EL34s make much difference? (The guy in the video used 6L6s instead of the stock EL34s)
Is it the cab?
I've spent hours and hours messing with mic placement, but I still can't get a decent guitar sound.

Sorry for the wall of text.

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The problem is that the tone you hear and the tone the mic picks up is totally different. So, try to EQ for the Mic, not your ears.
hav u tryed micing the cab a little bit further away, i usualy find when i close mic a cab and i just cant get the sound i want, i move the mic back to between half a foot and a foot away from the speaker then try different angles, u hav to crank the amp a bit more, but when its a tube amp thats good.
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I've been playing around a bit more, and I got a much better sound.
Still not exactly what I'm wanting, but I'm much happier with it.
It's on my profile as Riff #1.

I basically just cut down some of the high mids.

What's your unbiased opinion?
Good, bad, terrible?

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I'd say about 7.5/10. Not too shabby. You'll get better at it as you record more.

Word of advice though, try to get a nicer cab.
Quote by mogar
I'd say about 7.5/10. Not too shabby. You'll get better at it as you record more.

Word of advice though, try to get a nicer cab.

Thanks, yeah I'm saving up for either a better all-round cab, or just better speakers.
Probably a whole new cab.

Thanks for your input!

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