what is active pick ups?

how does it improve the sound of the guitar?
not necessarily improve.

Active pickups are pickups that do not use the power of the amp, they have their own 9v battery power supply.

Usually have a higher output. EMG 81/85 i assume are the pickups you are thinking about, they improve the sound for metal, cos of the higher output.

But not necessarily for other styles.
i don't know anything about active pickups

so what re active pickups for?


i suppose it's not for playing live
No no, they're used the same as passive pickups.

The only difference is that they have a battery powere pre-amp built into them, giving them a higher output.
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how to install them? pics please?

It would probably be a better idea to have someone do it with experience.
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i wouldnt go with active pickups there to noisy

You've obviously never used Seymour Duncan Blackouts.

Like CobbZ said, they're just different. They generally give higher output so you get a more 'aggressive' tone.
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