For a while CDs burnt from my Dell desktop have been a bit dodgy - they skip or cause an error on some of my older stereos - but not, having just tried to burn something off itunes, the lasers literally taken the aluminium layer off the disc, i.e. there's a patch near the centre that's just like a mirror. Anyway, does anybody have any idea what I could do software wise that might remedy this? I can't really afford to replace it but if its an easy fix i might as well give it a shot.
Well if you burn them, of course they aren't going to play. What with all the scorch marks and the like.
Try using CDBurnXP, different burning media and different burning speeds.

Aside from that, drives aren't expensive, assuming you're in the US:
Newegg highlights the bad reviews, 55% gave it 5*, with a further 22% giving it 4*.
Thats more than 3/4 of people giving it 4-5/5, and less than $25
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