This AMAZING guitar was donated to the auction by Bumblefoot's long time guitar endorser VIGIER GUITARS. www.vigierguitars.com.
Thanks to Patrice Vigier for allowing the charity to have this BEAUTIFUL guitar and case for use in this one of a kind auction. The photos in this listing are the actual photos of the guitar, with Ron holding. (Nice Versace Ron!!)

As the winner of the guitar is going to most likely want to play it, Ron Thal (Bumblefoot) will personalize the autograph to what the winner wishes, and will also place the autograph wherever the winner would like it, to ensure it stays intact and not smudged or worn off. I will co-ordinate the autograph and shipping of the guitar once a winning bidder is declared.

I made a new thread because it's a charity thing and some people might be interested AND i cant find the old BBF thread. How can I find it?

more info at: