Hi, I think This song must be without some lyrics...
of couse C4C =)
Crit & Enjoy Plz...
War Is Over
(If You Want It)


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The piano was surprisingly pleasant, I thought you had screwed it up in the second bar with the G, C & G, but it worked surprisingly well. The part with the overdriven guitar, it had a nice chord progression, and I thought the piano in bar 42 added to it quite nicely.

I do have to say though, when it came in, it was a bit of a let down from the piano. I don't know how you could fix this. But I'm not sure you went the right way about developing it. Would be more detailed but have to go now.
that was really nice
i like how you mixed the 2 genres well

my only complaint is that some of the guitars are a ittle dissonant when they overlap, but that might just be my speakers [they suck]

overall though, a very solid and good peice, but i think it needs more, a lot more, mabey double the length and then it will be an amazing song

9/10 atm though

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