After being inspired in English today after reading Hamlet, I thought that it would be a good idea to have a UG play.

Any one else like the idea?

We'd need scriptwriters, and then actors, stage lighting guys, and of course, backing music.

Who's in?
Backing music = Me.
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I'm possibly thinking the plot would involve one of the mods banning one of our favourite users, and how it affects the Pit in general. Crit?
I will do something!

But what kinda play are you goin for? Is it gonna be rather Shakespearean like Hamlet, or more like that terrible one woman play from Friends?
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mudkips, o mudkips. where art thou mudkipz?!

i'm in. for teh lulz.

Mildly amusing.
I'll be the leading female actor who provides multiple complications in the main characters life.

Why not. PM?
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Can anyone who wants a part please PM me?

That way I can organze something.

Just say whether you want to be an actor, musician, writer, whatever. But we'll need to wait until the writers are done before we assign parts.
PM me so I know who is and isn't. Plus, can writers send drafts to each other (and me)? That way we'll have the best play ever!
Can I be a stunt double of some description?
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Well played, my friend.

I'm going to edit that awful grammar right now

Yay, I'm sigged!!
And a grammar nazi..
I shall be an actor

I Shall Playeth the Noob!
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I'll handle the person who handles the money *uber shifty eyes*

Yeah im in xD

Wait... is this real!?
I think it should be a musical, and I should be the Andrew Lloyd Webber.
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Theres already a UG movie, how about we make this a musical instead of a play, since this is a guitar website....

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