I'm no stranger to 7 strings, I've been wailing on brothers RG7321 for about a year now. Its nice, but I decided its time to get one of my own, I've been doing research based on these requirements-

Budget- £500 at the most
Preferably hardtail- won't use a trem
Thin neck

Theres others, but those are the most important. So, I came up with these-

Ibanez Apex 2

Mahogany Body
5-pcs Wizard II-7 neck (25.5" scale)
Rosewood Fretboard
24 Jumbo Frets
Tone Pros 7 Bridge with String through Body
2 DiMarzio PAF 7 Humbucker

Good specs but I'm not a fan of the colour and I'm pushing the budget a bit.

Schecter Demon 7

Basswood body
Maple neck (25.5" scale)
Rosewood fretboard
24 frets
Tune-O-Matic bridge with strings through body
2 Duncan-designed HB-105 active pickups

Its a good price and decent specs, but I'm afraid the neck may be a bit baseball bat-ish.

So, which one should I buy and why? If you have any other suggestions I'm more than glad to hear them.

Thanks guys


EDIT: Just realised this is in the wrong section, sorry.
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although thats not my favorite model. go with the schecter. im not a big ibanez fan. thats just me though. ibanez has made some greate guitars. but shecter is more my style.
id vote schecter , that color on the ibanez is the worst ever ^^

but not that schecter

id say this one http://www.thomann.de/gb/schecter_diamond_c_7_blackjack_atx_absn.htm

c-7 blackjack ATX

its only £16 over your budget, its worth it for a good guitar
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Some people think that Schecter necks are thick. I'd say Schecter as well, but try before you buy, and see if the neck is to your liking.
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I love thin necks, thats why I had a look at the Ibby. I'm not really one for sig guitars, which makes it really difficult when looking for a good 7, but I made an exception with the Ibanez. Problem is, I think the Schecter neck may be too thick...

^^^ And thanks for that suggestion, but I dunno if I want to pay that much... its not much more than the Ibanez though.
i went into the shop looking for an ibanez since i ownd one for a while and wanted another i came out with the schecter i've fallin to the dark side join us
I would highly recommend the APEX 2 (though personally, I prefer the APEX 1 over the APEX 2 lol). It is a great guitar, and great bargain for what they charge you. The craftsmanship on them is surprisingly great. Further, you get two great, real Dimarzio pickups (I have PAFs on my 7, and I love them; great clean tones, and amazing distortion if you got a great amp). And more, the body is mahogany! I personally think a mahogany guitar sounds great. Additionally, I prefer the feel of an Ibanez neck; you should try one out (on a higher-end Ibanez)!

For the price, this guitar is a great deal. And it is probably the only hard-tail 7 I'd ever actually purchase.

Sure, the color is "unusual"... but what's more important? How a guitar sounds, or how a guitar looks?