Same as the other one accept this one is for aussie's

RULES (copied from the other thread)

1) Items offered up must be free.
(This means you can't ask for $ or an item in trade for your offering -- asking for help to cover shipping is okay, but if you're looking to 'wheel and deal' please in your own thread.)

2) To ask for an item, you must first post an available item yourself.
This thread is a way for us to clean out the parts drawer and give that stuff a new home and possibly find something you need in the process. If you're willing to participate in this fashion, come on in...otherwise please leave this thread for those interested.

3)Trades are NOT allowed in this thread.
This means that you will only post an item that you are willing to give away for the price of shipping. The only trades that are allowed are ones in PM's or email's.

This thread will not have any conversations in it, violators will be warned/banned.
All Conversations WILL be in PM's or Email's
You get ONE Warning

What I have to give away:
Random iPod Nano 2nd Gen Case
Behringer FX300