alright, this is my newest song. it has a very nifty time signature in the verses...so enjoy soloing was a bit more challenging because of the time signature, so give me your thoughts on how it came out.

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the song is "On Your Terms"
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Sounds great, I like how it sounds!
The guitar panned to the left on the verse could use a little extra volume,
I'm digging the part at around 1:00 where it becomes fluid again(if you get what I mean)
The only thing i (really) dont like about it, is the lead tone troughout the verse, It's a tiny bit too trebbly.
Your voice doesnt cut through enough as well, at times it sounds like your just mumbling something (to me it does)
But the idea is great, a really enjoyable song!
Work on the recording quality (I know that's really easy to say ) and you've got yourself a great song!
Sounds good,

The lead tone is a bit harsh on the ears, I think you should make your tone a bit more mellow or at least EQ it differently.
The structure itself is veryvery nice, it makes me think of bowie, a lot!
The vocals could be a bit more present, it's a really nice vocal melody, and your voice suites it. So push it a bit up in the mix.

The guitar solo is cool, but again the tone is quite harsh.
But the song itself, I love it.
As I said, it reminds me a lot of bowie, and that's a real compliment!

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Nice tune. The song has a nice modern indie/rock feel too it.

Now for the crit.

Drums: It was hard to hear anything but the snare and crash. So, if you try to re-do this song at a later date (which I hop you do because it's a great rock song) bring up the levels of the kick and toms. Also, try putting a little more high end into the snare because it sounds a little muffled.

Guitars: The tone is a little harsh, but nothing some cut highs, boosted low mids can't fix (unless you were going for a lo-fi tone, and if you did you got it pretty good). The guitars on the left were very difficult to hear.

Vox: No problems here really, maybe try panning the harmonies for a fuller mix.

All in all, great stuff.
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Impressive, as always. I really like the vocals in this. The vocal melody of the verse is sort of unusual. Whoaa, the chorus is awesome. probably my favorite part.

And the intro for "stay in love" is amazingness.
thanks guys/ladies so i need to improve the guitar tone and the drum mix thanks.
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good voice man. really cool and mellow, but i am also thinking the lead is to trebly through the verses. Great song all together.
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Very cool. I liked the feeling for this tune and the juxtaposition of the slower partss and the fast parts really hooked me in. Nice work. Oh also, I liked how the lead matched the vocal melody too.
very nice at the beginning. very epic sounding. sounds like it would be the perfect song that i would listen to to along side with someone like.. say a satriani style. but with that srv edge in their. and of course at the same time nothing like that at all because its your own unique style.

vocals sound very very good. if you dont mind me asking, what did you use to record them?
on one of my newer songs rock n roll highschool i made an attempt at singing, but the recording did not go nearly as well.

but overall i like this song very much. the drums fit really well too. is it a machine? or an actual recorded kit? sounds very real.

also i like the lead bit. sounds like.... in a word "soaring" definetly a satriani stevie ray mix to my ears

please crit my songs
I really like the intro lick and how it leads into the verse.

Excellent and interesting time signature by the way. Although I feel it loses a bit of momentum when it switches to the chorus (i assume?) with just the lead.

But on the other hand it sounds amazing when it goes back into the intro lick. I'd add a rhythm that just rings out the chords. just an idea.
Right on, EQ is so personal but to me the lead gtr could lose a bit of the high end (intro, 1:30 & few places when it is the loudest part of the mix- just a little) and the drums could use a bit of presence/bite so they don't sound and feel mushy and distant.
And I think others made mention but the transition at 1:00, 2:20 & 3:40 could be a bit more smoother.
Good vocals and cool tune.
Hey dude, thanks for the crit. just to answer your question, i use an old yamaha 16 track mixer with a direct line in to garageband. As far as your song, i really like it. The beginning has a nice rock feel. I really like the time signature in the verse, makes it very interesting, but im really loving the chorus. The rhythm guitar is a little harsh, maybe warm up the tone a little bit, just sounds to be recording limitation though. I also think the reverb on the vocals is a bit much, but if thats the sound youre going for, it still fits. As always the solo'ing is very enjoyable. Love the accenting wahs. With a better recording it could be really great, hell. Come to my house..I'll record it for you :P
sounds pretty good. is this a home studio? how did you record the drums? the song is catchy and energetic, which is good. You have good solo ideas for the electric, i would just work on the tone a lil bit. It's a bit harsh and could use less of a drive and a little delay, it would sound awesome.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=886860
Very cool song. The verses are just a little heavy and nicely contrasted by the nifty changes between (with the dada's, etc)... The pauses add some build-up to it all... The vocals are all impressive, and the guitar work is really well done... Back-up vocals are great... Nice whistling too... It sounds very original to me as well, since I can't really pinpoint any single band or artist you sound like...

Overall, I like it a lot. Good song.
ontherun, i think you may have checked out "spiderwebs" thanks though
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thanks for the crit. so you think the drums should be eqed differently?
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thanks for the crit dude. i think i have critted your stuff now.
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