My buddy has a fender deville 4x10. He loves the cleans and the gains (which is surprising considering most people hate the deluxe/deville crunch) and as you may know fender has found a way for us to burn our tubes out real quick with the bias for high output. So he needs new tubes, and to know how to fix the amp so the output is not overbearing.

He plays Progressive Metal and Classic Rock

Should I reccomend him some 6L6s or something with more gain like some KT88s?
Stick with 6L6's and bias a tad colder

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You can't just put any tube into an amplifier.
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Don't think you can put KT88's in the HRD amps.

6V6's can be used, but they'll change the distortion's character. From what I hear, in a good way.

If you feel it's too loud, pop a JAN 5751 in the V1 position. cuts the gain a bit, by 30%, and may drop the volume a tiny bit..

Bias it colder this time around. You'll fine JJ 6V6's at eurotubes.com, as well as a quick guide on how to bias it. Email Bob there to ask what the bias should be set to for 6V6's.