I apologise, because i am sure this forum gets filled with posts like this.

My guitar-

Should i upgrade the pickups?

I get very little response from my volume/tone controls, I really don't know anything technical about guitars, but if these are cheap ones, perhaps i would benefit from some upmarket ones???


edit - i dont think the link works, but it is a standard Epi SG 400 Custom as on the Epi site.
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i don't use an amp
I generally play through headphones using my ZOOM pocket pro recorder / effects.

edit - also, the humbuckers currently in the guitar are apparently - 'Alnico Classic Plus' are they any good?
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To be honest, unless you feel that the pickups are specifically lacking something (clarity etc), then changing them won't make a great deal of difference with that rig.
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well if you are hearing yourself through headphones then it really doesnt matter..if you later get a good amp, then maybe.
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I get very little response from my volume/tone controls

You might want to consider changing the pots; the ones that Epiphone uses are markedly worthless.
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