Just changed the pickguard (& pickups) in my newly acquired Fender Stratocaster Plus. It came with a white pearloid pickguard and 3 Gold Lace Sensors w/ all white hardware. Took the complete loaded pickguard out to replace with my new one.

3 connections and this will drop right into your Strat or clone!

Asking $165 + $10 USPS priority (to US only).

I am looking for a Jekyll & Hyde od / dist pedal... or possibly trade the pickguard + cash towards a Fender USA Lone Star Stratocaster (must be teal green metallic in excellent condition w/ maple fingerboard) other than that, just cash. Please contact me via PM or email!


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I have the same set up in my strat plus, very nice pickups, and the TBX tone control for the bridge and middle pickups rocks. Good luck!

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what kind of sound do they have is it more of an overdrive rock sound or more like the traditional blues strat sound
Taken from Fender's website, "Low noise and high output for incredible response and sustain. Fender-Lace™ Sensors continue to be some of our most popular pickups to date. Each color represents a different sound: Gold is the classic Vintage Strat sound with glassy bell like tones (used on the Clapton and Buddy Guy

You can also follow this link to read more about Lace Sensors (including the Golds) from the Lace site too.
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sound clips?

I don't personally have any made, but if you go to youtube, you can just type "gold lace sensor" and there are multiple videos showing the gold laces.