and im gonna try out some heads. Right now I play a randall rh200 and im in a technical death metal band. Really heavy **** in the vein of origin, spawn of possesion, braindrill, dying fetus. My guitar is tuned to C#. My budget varies I would like to stay under 1400 dollars but im willing to go up. I want an all tube head. I've read a bunch of threads on here and I have a really good idea of what I want. Im looking at peavey XXX, Peavey JSX, and a 5150. The store here has a 5150III for 1200 bucks used in pristine condition. What would you guys go for for a really brutal techy sound. Im gonna run a sonic maximizer and some other rack gear when I get more money. I would deffiantley want to go for the amps in this budget but if it would be smart enough to save up for a engl powerball im willing to do so.
I'm happy with my JSX. I can get really good death metal tones from it and I run a Sonic Maximizer through the loop too. The 5150/6505 is another good choice, but they tend to be on the noisy side.
When you demo them you'll know what works for you.
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If you can find a used Mesa Mark IV head...I doubt you'd be disappointed.
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