I just bought a squier strat off my friend to mess around with hoping tht I could just play it through my bass amp. I know you shouldnt play bass through a guitar amp, it dosent go both ways does it?
Josh Homme from Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age did that for awhile, mostly in Kyuss i think. I think he still uses Bass cabs with some of his amps. Its pretty common to do that in "Stoner' rock and desert rock.
The guitarist from the gossip does it too. Sounds really cool (y)
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There are no rules to that.
It all depends on what kind of sound you wish to achieve.
Chances are it will sound weird to you, but you'll never know unless you try it.
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Yes--we have a telecaster in my house that sounds quite nice through my bass amps. Blues guitarists do this all of the time, its not as uncommon as you think.
I play my guitar through my bass amp all the time and it works great.
It gives a waaaay better clean sound, for distortion I like guitar amps better.
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