Hey guys,

We have a crazy-rough version of our song House of Mirrors up (it slows down at one point, the mix is terrible, the solo is missing, there are a bunch of mistakes, etc, etc) however, I'd like to know whether or not you guys like or "could" like the song if it had a much better recording. I don't even need to ask you for feedback on the recording, haha--I know how bad it is. One take, 30 minutes...yeah.


We've got the attention of a local record label and we're looking at pro-studios and we're wondering what people think of the track. We should have more up in the next few weeks if we can help it.

I actually think it's not too bad now, but it would definitely sound better after you recorded it again. Trumpet part is great, and I assume the guitar solo goes where the drum solo is now... if not, the drum solo was a bit too long for my liking. But great tune, very interesting voice your singer has.
Haha, yeah, you're right about the solos--we didn't have enough time to insert a solo. I can't even hear the bass, so I'm not sure the bass even got into the mix on this one. It's really just to help with local booking (which is going fairly well) but we plan on getting some better mixes up asap. Thanks for listening!