I have a Hohner 12-String guitar that I want to restring. I went out and bought a set of DR strings, but I am not sure what order they go on.

The string set includes:
One .048
One .039
One .030
One .028
One .024
One .018
Two .014
One .012
Two .010
One .009

What order do these strings go on? I have never restringed a 12-string before.
Quote by Midnight Murk
Here you go!

One .048 E
One .039 A
One .030 D
One .028 Octave E
One .024 G
One .018 Octave A
Two .014 Both Bs (unison)
One .012 Octave D
Two .010 Both Es (unison)
One .009 Octave G

Thank you very much. Time to go restring.