If it's a decent body wood and not too far damaged then go for it, but i wouldnt personally sell it, refinish it and give it a new lease of life.
Whats wrong with it? Just no strings?
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its been sitting in the case for about 12 yrs or so, needs cleaned bad, has a bumps and bruises, did have strings on it till i plugged it in and it does work, till they busted...lol, has orginal floyd rose, it still has the tags in the case with serial number and warrenty and cord wrench's, from searching, if im correct was made in the USA, between 1984 and 1986
just clean it up and you're set to go, it sounds like... why not?
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frets are coroided, that slight green color and the humbuckers have a lil of the same on it and sum rust on the FR and locking nuts, was suprised of the sound that came out of it
Guess i'll start a search on what to use, to clean it, w/o screwing it up even more and maybe get the pups changed, i think it has duncans in it now
Definitely clean it up. Who knows, you may decide to keep it. Anyway, there's sort of a market for these old discontinued Kramers out there.
i would clean it up really good, put some new finish on there, and slap some new strings on
and then just sell it for the most you could get.
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Im gonna see bout getting it refreted and try refinishing it myself, and use it towards a tube amp, for my RG 2550