It's the latest in a series of rocking ideas i"m working on!
Freth on bass, drums and gwietar!
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i liked the drums. good job. i thought rythem tone could be chunkier. it lacked force. interesting lead ideas, but the wah was a bit over done. bass was terrible. you seem to be a good guitar player, but bass player you are not. drums could use some reverb/overdrive, especially to make the snare stand out. over all, you did a great job.

crit mine please?
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I like your song Prostillation, the progression under the lead keeps it moving. The only problem I have with it is the tone of the guitars, the lead could be more "beefy" try adding a compressor, and the underlying riff seems to have too much treble and distorted oddly. Other than the tone problems it's a great song

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