Verse 1.
Your beauty is beyond compare,
with flowing locks of brunette hair,
your deep blue eyes are the sea,
constantly crashing into me.

One look and i'm gone,
defeated broken and undone,
your beauty is a bullet,
dangerous when used in your way.

verse 2.
you are addictive a drug,
you're my brown sugar and love,
you're the one who sets me free,
you dont know how much of you i need.


Verse 3.
Now with these word i've said,
I can put my feelings to bed,
I want you terribly,
So come on and set me free.
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Well, good rhymes. Not too much a fan of these type of songs. But, like I said good rhymes. The chorus seems a lil catchy. Wat type of song is this sposed to be? Metal (obviously not death metal or black metal, but more like '80s Metal), Punk, Rock, wat?
Cool. Maybe you should call it "Your Way"?

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