I'm an avid bassist and play with many local groups and want to broaden my horizons and become more proficient with guitar in my free time this summer.

I have probably around $300 - $400(US) to spend.

As a bassist I have no specific genre. This year, I have played a lot of Jazz Funk/Gospel. In the past I have played a fair amount of rock too(a pretty wide variety - anything from Sabbath to Iron Maiden to Pearl Jam to Boston), just not recently.

I was looking for a guitar that could sort of complement what I do on bass. I know those three genre's are rather diverse and different.

And one last constraint on my purchase is that I was looking at Epi's. Not necessarily because I like them a lot, but just that the store I shop at regularly carries a lot of them, so I have good selection and service with them.

thanks in andvance for any advice you can give.
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I think if you put a coil tap/split into an Epi LP, you could get those genres dore pretty well. Maybe something with P-90s, or maybe just replace one or both of the pickups with something like Duncan Phat Cats, which are humbucker-sized P-90s.
I'd look at Fender Basses. They are usually solid basses. You can get a good one for $300-400. And they last for a good amount of time if you do all you're sposed to as far as takin care of em. If you spend bout $50 more than wat you have now (so you'd need to get $50 more), you can get a Fender Precision Bass for $449.99 on musiciansfriend.com. Here's the link, http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Standard-Precision-Bass?sku=516041. I'm sure you could also find it used at a local guitar shop for cheaper. (Maybe you'd have to drive a lil ways tho.) But these Basses, I've heard are great. Look at the reviews at the link there.
By the way, Epi basses, imo, aren't that great. They're also very expensive for the most part, as all Gibson (or Gibson-owned companies, like Les Paul and Epi) products are.
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Sorry to burst your bubble dude, but he's a bassist looking for a guitar, not a bass.

But more on topic, I would recommend a Fender HSS strat, or if you have an extra 80$, buy a regular strat and drop a seymour duncan hot rails pickup. I heard it's much more better for distortion than the stock Humbucker on the HSS. OR you could always replace the Bridge pickups on the HSS.

But if you're looking at Epi's the only ones that will fit all the above genres are the Les Pauls, which the good ones start at 430$ approx., which is the Les Paul standard plain top.
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Sorry to burst your bubble dude, but he's a bassist looking for a guitar, not a bass.


Thanks for the advice though. many of you mentioned strats as good for what I'm looking for.

I know of a shop about 30 miles away that sells fender products. I know a guy who knows a guy, and when I bought my main bass mentioning his name got me my choice $50-$70 discount off of what is listed on musiciansfriend or a free hard case (about the same value of the discount).

So, you think I should go there and pick up a standard fender strat instead of sticking with epiphones? Also, I actually have about $600, I'm just trying not to blow all my money at once, and I will be needing an amp.

Edit: I dont mean to concern this threads with amps...someone I know has me covered and is going to help me out with getting one
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I once told a Metallica fan I liked Megadeth, and he stabbed me 42 times.
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