Just sit down and strum along to the song until you figure it out.

Any type of strum pattern will sound fine as long as you change chords in the proper place really.
Yeah just make sure you change the chords at the right time
Play along with the song. That's hands down the best way to get it right.
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Ive tried to find it out by listening but i cant. Ive ried loads of time to get it but it never sounds right. Im a beginner and it would really help me out if some could just tell me what it is.

Can someone tell me what they think the strumming pattern is?
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I do need this quick please though
im going away this weekend and would like to be able to practice this while im away. I wont have a computer
well i didnt look at the tabs but i have it as
d=down u=up
G d d u d D d d u d Am or C d d d u d u d u

G d d u D d u d u d u Am or C d d d u d u d u
well thats how i happen to play it mabey im not to late if ur leaving