before anyone tries to moan or report me, this is not a relationship question as there is no relationship involved...

I've been talking to this girl i like and today on the phone she asked if i want to go cinema with her and a mate (of course ill bring a mate to even things out, like a double date)

so i accept and the ask what film... it was sex in the city. damn that film is a total chick flick by the sound of things. now the problem is... should i go with them just for the sake of getting closer to that girl but see a terrible film or not?

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it still goes in the relationship thread.
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no, take your friend and go see a man film. A MAN FILM!!!
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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Who cares. It's a movie, you'll probably end up liking it.
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..Yes, and then start wanking, say that's the kind of thing you do when you get bored, and ask for a helping hand.

Now THAT'S a way of starting a relationship my friend.
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..Yes, and then start wanking, say that's the kind of thing you do when you get bored, and ask for a helping hand.

Now THAT'S a way of starting a relationship my friend.

lol had many girlfriends?

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Go see it. Tough it out. Tell me how it was, I'll be watching Lifetime in my PJ's, eating Ben and Jerry's.

Just so you know who to tell about the movie.
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lol i've seen the film..

we bought tickets to see it and was gonna take a detour to Timber falls..

but it was on the other corridor..

anyway, tbh...its quite a good film

few funny bits, good sex scenes...if all else fails, see it stoned..

not that you'll see any of it
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Well, first of all, how much do ya like this girl? Nough to waste a few dollars (or pounds, dependin on where ya are)? Nough to sit thru a movie you may not enjoy? If so, go with her. If not, don't. But I'd ask her if you could all go somewhere to eat afterwards like a food court or a restaurant like McDonalds or somethin else cheap, so you could all eat and talk with each other.
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no, take your friend and go see a man film. A MAN FILM!!!

This! BE A MAN!

Or wait for some obscure metaldud post xD
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lol had many girlfriends?

Nope, quite some sex though

I was just kidding btw.
Military use of children?

Sure. Can't be worse than Moulin Rouge >.<
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If you play your cards right you won't have to watch the film. Also just go and listen to music all the way through no-one will see your headphones in the dark
I cannot understand! Is it illegal to be a man?!

Go see Iron Man. Manliest movie ever. Worst movie of 2008 at the same time...
Just go and watch the stupid movie, whats the worst that could happen? that your brain will leave for a walk? it happens to me all the time.
sit next to her and try to make a move
don't watch the movie, get some action instead.
this is a dumb question, always go for the girl!
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do it if u like the girl enough. after the film, rape everyone.

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If it gets you closer to the girl, why wouldn't you go, even if it was a ****ty woman's film.
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day


conclsion is do it.
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Rent an XXX movie thats called sex in the city. Just watch it at home. And if she gives you ****, say you didnt know and thought it was the official sex and the city
This may be a guess but I think she already thinks you are just a male friend ,which means you have to give up to make her your gf
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maybe she thinks of you as her 'gay' friend, the one who will go shopping with her and see stupid films with her.
Anyway go, if you like her enough to sit through 2 hours of trash and sex.

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