K, so im buying my second guitar soon, and after reading the 7-string topic, i am thinkin of going with one. The current competition for me is a MIM strat. So what do you think? Can you recommend me some 7 strings that have the quality and price range of a MIM? Most of the mims i see are between 230-350 used. Any recommendations? Looking to buy used.
Well, 7 strings are more expensive. But if you want that low B string (or low A or even lower if you detune it ), then buy a seven string. Definitely get more crunch. You don't have detune your low E string, less you wish to detune the whole guitar or Drop tune the low B string, so all-in-all for lower tones go for it. Good luck gettin it used in a store tho. Most stores don't even sell 7 strings new.
I'm savin to buy an Ibanez JEM77V for $2,199.99 from Musiciansfriend.com. Ibanez also sells some Korn signature 7 strings (which I refuse to even look at) and a few others I believe. But 7 strings aren't cheap at all.
There is the Ibanez RG7321 which is the low-mid end 7 string. It's alright, no trem or anything. Only comes in black..
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