what does it achieve... as apposed to just putting everything in front of the amp...

heres my current setup of pedals...

in order from amp to guitar..
peavey6505>isp decimator>maxon od808>morley wah>boss tu2>guitar (ltd ec1000vb)

what would the advantages be if i were to use the effects loop??

peavey 6505
marshall 1960av cab
esp ltd ec1000 18V M0D
schecter black hawk
prs standard 24 platinum grey
ibanez aeg10e acoustic

dual rectifier 3 channel head
prs custom 24
tremonti se (duncan p/ups)
schecter tempest (red)
No except maybe putting the Decimator in the loop
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The point of an effects loop is that you get to add the effects after the preamp. This is good mainly with 3 things: Noise reduction (it reduces noise that the preamp generates too, so put your Decimator in the loop (some people like it in front tho - try which one you like more)), modulating effects (the difference is whether you add chorus to a distorted tone, or distortion to a chorus-tone - well, you get the point, most people like them in the loop more) and delay/reverb (again, reverb'd signal that gets distorted sounds pretty bad).
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