I recently heard some demos of this amp and I want it, but it's $1500. It has a distinct Texas Blues sound that I've been trying to get but can't with my little DA5. So I'm thinking I could just buy a Blackheart BH5H Half-stack and use the money I save to buy Texas Specials for my Strat.
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You'll have to look for a nice OD pedal as well.

I was thinking the EH Big Muff, but what would you recommend?
maxon od-9

i'm on my way to the same sound, and that's the one people keep telling me to get
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dude the big muff is a great pedal but it is definiantly not an OD pedal it iis a fuzz box the cranks the hell out of an amp it is good for White Stripes/wolfmother/Pink floyd/Queens of the stone age tones. What you need for OD is either a Bad Monkey, Tube Screamer, or a generic Maxxon Tube screamer