currently, i use ****ty stock pick-ups and i need something with a little more kick.
currently i play a les paul special II, but im going to get either an epiphone les paul, an LTD Viper G-400 or an epiphone SG all in the $400-$500 price range.
do you have any suggestions for good pick-ups so that i can play both death metal and jazz and have it sound good?
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duncans. check out any of em.
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knowing the guitar and whether it has single coils or humbuckers would help everyone give you advice.
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its an epiphone les paul special II with a mahogandy body and it has two double coil pick-ups.
yeah, im gunna do that too.
im going to get a SG or a Viper in a little bit but im still gunna the same problem.
so just buy a guitar. itll sound better anyway.
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I have Duncans in my LP - Screamin Demon in the neck and she roars!

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I'd get both an upgrade of guitar and pickups. Have a look at the Epiphone LP standards, and then look for an upgrade of pickups to go with -
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Duncan Jazz in the neck. it can do soft cleans to metal tones. in the bidge, try Custom 5 or Custom.
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