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the color purple - walker
5 22%
st. maybe - tyler
1 4%
their eyes were watching god - hurston
2 9%
a streetcar named desire - williams
11 48%
english are ghey
4 17%
Voters: 23.
i have to read two books over the summer for my english class next year.
the list is:
The Catcher in the Rye Salinger
The Color Purple Walker
St. Maybe Tyler
Their Eyes Were Watching God Hurston
A Streetcar Named Desire Williams

i'm already reading The Catcher in the Rye, but I need to decide on the other four. they all seem like chick books to me, but i've never read them, so i guess all i need to know is which one would seem the best one for my interests. if you do not know who i am, just go to my profile (woot profile whoring!)
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Catcher in the rye is awesome.

I just watched the movie of a street car named desire, it's a play so if your into plays go for that.
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A Streetcar Named Desire.

It is soooo easy to analyse afterwards =]

(I suspect that's what you're going to have to do)
Catcher is an amazing book and I heard that "Their Eyes Were Watching God" was good too. My friends back at my old school (I moved last august) had to read that and said it was pretty good. I didn't read it though so I have no clue...
I like "The Colour Purple"

Its colour with a "u" btw.
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streetcar isnt too bad

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street car is bad ass. tennessee williams is the ****ing man. glass managerie is alot better tho. hoorah for plays!
Catcher in the Rye is an amazing novel, I'd go with that one. If it isn't your thing, do the colour purple.
I'd stay away from Streetcar, I've never liked Tenesee Williams's work after reading Cat on a hot tin Roof and The night of the Iguana.
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I'd say stay away from "Their Eyes Were Watching God". It is definitely a "chick book". I hated reading it.
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Streetcar, baby!
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