im in a cover band thats just about to start rehearsing in a week.
we will be covering songs that were written in standard, drop d, DbAbDbGbBbEb, CGCFAD, and even drop B (rarely). My problem is I dont have enough guitars to keep up with that, and I think it would be annoying being on stage having to tune. I have 2 guitars and the bassist has one. so no matter what he will have to change it up. i want to have one guitar do all of the work. so for instance i could have it in standard and then just drop the E to a D, and thats all i need. but im wondering what that would be like covering a drop C song with drop D (not a halfstep down).
so my second option is have it in Eb tuning and just drop to D 1/2step whenever I want. im fine with not using drop C, drop d 1/2 step is as low as i want to go really
wow i really dont even know what im talking about right now im so tired
LONG STORY SHORT do you think using another tuning will affect the way it sounds when played with a singer and such
You could keep one in drop C and just put a cappo on the 2nd for the drop D songs.

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Come up with a set that sticks within a certain range or put up with it; if you're singer's well practiced it could really screw him/her over to change the key of the song.
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i think it wouldnt sound right it would sound kinda off and people would be like wtf why does it sound weird
Find one that you like the most and stick with it. A couple of semitones isn't going to make your singer explode. Well, hopefully.