Which do you think would suit my style best?

I like to play instrumental rock (Satriani, Vai...), but lately I've really got into blues.

Which guitar is more versatile?

Is it possible to get that sparkling strat tone from the rg1570?

How good is a strat at playing shreddier stuff like Vai, Dream theater, satriani...?

Which guitar would be better at playing jazz?
fender = jazz
ibanez = unsoulful music (kidding)
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i would advise you to buy the ibanez. i played both and fender highway is worse in both sound and comfort but of course it's your ears and fingers.
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hmm... I tried both guitars today at the music store.

I liked the feel of the ibanez more, but i couldn't really hear the tone, because the only amp they had was a crappy solid state.

Does anyone know if the rg1570 clean tone is any good?
i have a lower end Rg and the clean tone is very good for the ibanez pups which im assuming are the same as the pups on the ibanez you are looking at. and can easily get the "twang"
I'm a Fender man myself, and my Strat has the potential to be very versatile. However, my amp sucks so...

It's all up to you... I didn't like the HWY1 when I played it at L&M. I love my American Standard much more.
Positions 2, 3 and 4 give you a great array of clean tones on an RG, just don't expect much from the humbuckers.
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