i'm in a rut right now. i dont know what to practice. i started some alternative (hawk nelson) but it wasnt really exciting. i tried other stuff but it didnt work for me. i did a7x and it had good sounds that i liked, but, hey im not that good. ive only played for five months. any suggestions??

You've given us no guidance.

Practice chord changes? Scales? Improvising with (and without) scales? Tapping? Sweeping? Harmonics? Muting? Learn songs that you like?
wups my bad. i staarted scales recently (not very fast) and arpeggios (dont do well) i dont like using chords much. i do use pwr chords tho,

i gess my problems is that i hav a slow left hand.
is that enough?
Just learn songs from bands you like, any techniques you need will be picked up from there.
i cant play a7x. i can play the afterlife intro al right ( maybe not th solo and arpeggios)
the other bands i listen to have no good stuff.
thx for the help tho Ill look at the othr stuff
And regardless of whether you like them, practice chords. No-one will take you seriously as a guitarist if you can't play chords

Power chords, are ok...in extreme moderation, but like, play a A5 and then like an Amaj7 (still a fairly simple chord) and the fact that one is rich in detail and sounds interesting in comparision will blow you away.... it did me anyway
Oh God, there's your reason... Hawk Nelson isn't exciting, and they're from my town, which also is not very exciting. I see a correlation; do you?

Anyways, I say practice what you like. Theory can't hurt you, but not doing it won't really matter... perhaps it will in the long run.
rush has some pretty crazy rhythm parts that are fun as hell to play
but its a bitch to figure out how to finger some of their chords