Wow, this song was really unique. There's only one problem I have, your tone seems to be really saturated, too much effects... But I love the rhythm track, it works really well. I really like when the song slows down, it reminds me of Tender Surrender by Steve Vai. Some of your bends sound a little off, if you work on the accuracy a bit more, you have a great piece of music here. Even still, the dissonance is still somewhat attractive. Did you make the rhythm track? It sounds great, with a little tweaking, the lead part will sound great too. If you can, please crit my song "Evacuation" at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=875769 Thanks!

PS. You might want to delete the staticy part/mute it at the beginning of the song...
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lol thanks for being honest. I really appreciate that. I'll be paying more attention to the flaws in it that u just mentioned. Thanks for listenning! []