Ok, another question for my Ruby Amp project. In the bill of material, they say to use a 10Kohm potentiometer for volume and a 1Kohm potentiometer for gain control. But my question is, can I use a stronger pot for gain control like a 5Kohm one instead of a 1Kohm one ? Will it blow something up ?
it will just add more resistance with the pot turned further up. If anything it will lower if not completly cut out the volume or the gain. so usually using the pot values listed will give you the best range.

So if a 100k pot gives you zero to 100% sound with an entire turn, a 200k pot would cut the volume at 50% of the turn, and the rest would still cut the signal... unless someone can correct me if i'm wrong...

but no, nothing will blow up
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Sometimes you can change a value but you might have to change something else like a resisitor or cap to compensate. All you can do is try it. Its how people figured out how to build alot of these pedals.