In some guitars the keyboard has a white part

like this dkmg.

you see the the keyboard is surrounded with a white line. what is it? i see some guitars have it some dont... or is it a really stupid question
its a fret board and thats binding

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It's called binding. Mainly it's an aesthetic thing, but some people claim they can feel the difference between a bound/un-bound neck.

PS, it's called a "fretboard", just a little fyi.
boy was i confused as i was opening this thread..
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Binding is also useful for protecting the guitar if you accidentally bump it against something. It's much easier to dent wood then most bindings.
woah i played the non-trem version of that guitar. was fukin siiiick!!

and its neck binding. looks cool and what above me said.
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i wish my kelly had neck binding. personally i prefer it because i like the feel of it when im moving up the fret board rather then unbound
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