I just bought this pedal *from a friend*, and I can't get it to work.

I plugged a 9V DC cord into it, turned my amp on, plugged the cord from my amp into the output, and the cord from my guitar in the input, hit every button on this ****er and this **** still isnt working.

I agree its probably something noob, but if its not any suggestions are welcome.
Make sure that you actually press the switch...sounds idiotic but that's one reason many people can't get their wah to work.
If this doesn't work, try running it with a battery.
If it doesn't work with a battery, you got ****ed.
had the same prob. plug everything teh way it says, then push the toe end down hard. then a green light should come on.
try with a battery, it's possible you broke it if you used an adapter with the wrong polarity.
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Did you turn it on? Not meant as a condescending remark, but I know people who don't know how to turn on a wah pedal. Other than that, take the back plate off and look for disconnected wires or burned capacitors/transistors on the circuit boards in there.
Wow thanks for the fast suggestions. I think i found my problem though, I opened it up and its full of ****ing mold or something in the inside, and half of the connections and circuit boards are rusted or covered in some kind of orange/white ****. I can scrape this **** off, and it looks like the only connection that is visibly ****ing wrecked is to the lights on the back.
Well, clean it out and test it. Then beat your friend over the head with it.
Save the mold rust and put it in yours friends drink. How much did you pay for it?
i didnt pay for it yet, but im supposed to give him $200 + shipping (16) for this pedal and a pod xt (which works fine).
Use rubbing alcohol and a q-tip to clean the crap off. Then wait about 20 minutes for it to evaporate before you test it.
Also, the dimebag wah is 18 volts if I'm not mistaken.
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it says 9 volt DC (+)--(o--(-), same as my other pedals, and the cord i use for those works fine.

im gonna try cleaning this **** off then when i get back from the gym ill see what happens

and yeah the pod works great.

sorry for the terrible pics, my newer camera is broke and this one is from like 1999.. you can see the huge areas of rust, but the pics dont show all this green and white mold that is covering everything.
Good lord that is a lot of oxidation on that. Did he leave in the rain or dunk it in salt-water? After seeing this I think it's best if you just pass on this.
Isn't that rust?

Since I'm me, I would take it to a guitar shop, I would be too scared to touch it...

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Give your friend the wah back and take back your cask and POD. It's a really bad deal.
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he said he tested it with a 9V before he shipped it.. and i take his word for it as he is a good friend. you think some **** mightve got rattled from all the rust and crap while it was being shipped?