where can i get a good set of cables that connect my head to my cab? this is my first half-stack so i am clueless. im pretty sure theyre called "speaker cables" but i dont know if they come with the cab. also, are the qualities of these speaker cables as noticable as that of instrument cables? in other words, can you hear the difference between *good speaker cables and *bad speaker cables?

*good=good quality/expensive
*bad=bad quality/cheap
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speaker cables my man. dont skimp. if they fail it puts your amp in danger....i think
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4ft length of this and you'll be fine.

You can only get true stereo sound if your amp has 2 speaker outs and your cab has 2 speaker ins.

And yes, get the best quality cable you can afford and make sure it's a "speaker" cable not an instrument one. They are made to handle a much hotter signal than an instrument cable.
wait I only have one cab. I can use two cables to get stereo sound?
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