I bought a Fender Squire starter pack and after studying the DVD that came with it I've come to the conclusion that my strings are not good.

When I pluck the E string it echos for a loooooong time where as on the DVD he does the same thing and it doesnt... does that mean my strings are crap? Im using the pickup closest to the bridge but strummin more towards the neck (I find theres less humming this way).

Any ideas?
No, this is called sustain. It's supposed to go for a long time. Maybe he's muting with the pick or his left hand.

EDIT: FYI, your strings are probably crap if they came on the guitar. But that isn't a problem they are causing.
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I assume when you say echo you mean the note just rings out for a long time? If so, thats called sustain. Different strings won't have much of an impact on your guitars sustain. If you mean a literal echo, it might just be that you have the reverb cranked on your amp. If you want to stop the strings from ringing for too long, place your fretting hand over the strings to mute them.
Hes probably just palm muting or something.... but if its stock and your short on cash you should probably fix it up a lil bit squiers are not the best lol but they are good for learning... or just save up and keep it stock then by a kick ass guitar!