Hey i need an amp preferably a tube combo but i can go solid state if the budget is too low.
I am in a gigging band that plays moderately soft rock and we use clean and slightly distorted sound so cleans are important. I'm not worried about matching any professional guitarists tone at this point as I would like to create my own. I am getting a job this summer so I will probably budget it at around $500-600 for the amp. So I need a good clean and slightly overdriven tone for $500-600
some amps i was thinking of:
Fender fm212r
B-52 at112

Thanks for your help
Peavey Valveking 112. or Crates.
Ibanez RG321MH (Air Classic/Tone Zone)
Fernandes Telecaster (Twang King/stock bridge pickup)
Blackstar HT-20 (Scumback 55 speaker/ Tung Sol tubes)
TC Electronic Nova Repeater
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I'd stay away from the Fender FM 212R. I was really excited about it when I was at your level, because I thought it was going to be a poor-man's solid state Twin. Totally not even close. That amplifier is cheap, because all the parts are cheap. It's got an amazing amount of static, and is void of tone. Please do yourself a favor and don't touch that amp.

I'd stay away from the B-52 stuff and the Crate if I could help it. B-52 is going to be in the same vein as the FM212R. The valveking stuff is going to be decent. However I'd recommend the Epiphone Blues Custom. It's full tube, you can switch between Class A and Class AB wiring.
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Or the Classic 30 here...
I believe you get a lot more for your money looking used, good luck.

Edit: And kudos for creating your own tone... Nice...
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Classic 30 would be good. Also a clean amp like a Blues Jr. that's loud enough to gig (sorta, you might have to mic it depending on the size of the gig), yet quiet enough to crank comfortably for that mild overdrive/breakup you want.
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