Ok, i have no experience what so ever when it comes to re-wiring or soldering pick-ups or anything, so please bear with me.!

i have found the pick-up i am after which is a SD custom shop '78
so my first question is what does it mean by DC: 9.0K?
second is what does it mean by single our four-conductor wire?

also does anyone know of any easy step by step guides for a complete idiot on how to wire it all up?

any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks LBM
ok the DC resistance is a measure of how 'hot' a pickup is. basically how much output it gives out. 9K is fairly cool. high output pups are around 15K normally

on a humbucker, there are 2 coils of wire, each has a wire at the start and end of the coil. in a single conductor pup, the end of the first one is attached to the start of the second one, and the lead has the end of the second one (overall output wire) and the ground wire, from the start of the first coil

in a four conductor pup, you get the 'in between' wires, so you can select either coil, or both and many other wiring combinations.

if you've been looking at the seymour duncan diagrams, they mention single conductor pups. these are for P-90 style pups where the ground wire is actually woven around the signal wire.

find the appropriate diagram at www.seymourduncan.com and get some random scrap wire to practise soldering on. when you feel confident enough, the diagram will keep you right. if you dont, take it to a tech

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