So I am looking for the correct tab for the famous sweet child of mine. a couple morons told me I play it wrong this weekend at our gig and that peeed me off I do 3 string 14th then flatten down to 1st 14th gives it a great bend sound so maybe someone can tell me if im right or wrong 14th fret is the middle of the riff to. that I play. ive only been playing it that way since '88 BEFORE THOSE SNOT NOSED LITTLE PUNKS WERE BORN!!!...sorry im ranting now and I would like to know if anyone has ne links to some canadian bands tabs like moist and i mother earth..thanx
..um..dont worry about it and let it go?..
who gives a **** what kids think. as long as it sounds right then w/e
Sounds like you're playing that bit right to me.


That's an accurate tab.
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