Hi, I'm fairly inexperienced when it comes to different models of amps, but I do know what I like. can anyone take a listen to the amp this guy is playing in the video and tell me a similar model that I could try out?
I think it's an amp that he made himself but it sounds wonderfull and I would love to get something similar.

Sounds quite Fendery, any of their tube amps would sound close. Traynor would do well too.
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i'm thinking fender hotrod

but im no expert
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Hello! Catode bias 6v6 PP,15watts.The circuit is based on 59 bassman type preamp ,and VOX ac30 type poweramp.

So, Bassman meets AC30.

Edit: Oh, and he said he used 6V6's instead of the EL84's that usually come with AC30's.
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The guy that made the video said that it's a 6v6 equipped amp, so I agree on the fender similarity.
threadstarter, you have a very good ear for amps. that one sounds great. Start shopping around for tube amps, and find one you like. Definitely not one that big though