im fairly new to guitar and i have a problem that when i pick a string i have a tendency to hit other strings, are there any excercises i could do to improve my picking.
hold your arm out and let your wrist dangle loosely towards the floor. with your hand still relaxed, flip your hand over. Your index finger and thumb should naturally fall together, place the pick between them and grip it, this is the proper way to hold a pick.
Besides that, the only thing that will improve your accuracy is practice. Keep concentrating on only hitting the needed string and it'll start to happen.
Yep, you've got it, lots of practice. =]
Try picking through simple open chords, watch your picking hand, just relax, and pick more than one way. Alternate picking up and down, and that'll really help you get faster in the future.
You can practice with a simple song, Blue October's "18th Floor Balcony" is pretty much all picking through simple, open chords.
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As a noob that's working on the same issue try doing the Am pentatonic scale forwards and backwards over and over again. Start with down picking, then do upwards picking, then do alt picking. Try not to look at your picking hand. I find it helps to keep my picking hand anchored with my pinky under the little e string. I did this for about 40 mins last night and it payed off pretty quickly. Additionally it helps with the muscle memory of where all the strings are.

This also has the added benefits of working your fretting hand dexterity as well.
Just slow down until you can pick accurately and work at that speed - the golden rule of guitar is "If you can't do something slowly you're not going to be able to do it quickly"
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