What happened was on Friday night, I got pushed down and landed on my shoulder, and when that happened it dislocated and popped back into place. It hurt all weekend to lift it, and now its not near as bad and doesn't hurt at much.. only ****ty thing is, I can't play guitar at all.

My arm I pick with won't play anything near as good as I could. I know it'll come back eventually, but I'm just kind of wondering if anyone knows anything about these kinds of injuries, how long will it take to be normal, and until it does should I keep playing guitar or rest it? Any help would be wicked.
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but seriously, if no one gives you decent advice here, you should probably call a physical therapist. make it sound like youre going to be making an appointment(or even make one and cancel it later) and just ask them the same question. im sure they will be able to give you a more accurate ETA. if you can afford it, actually go the appointment and they should give you excersises for a proper recovery.