I just finished defretting my old bass guitar. its a really bad one, no big names or anything, so im not worried about it. and since ive had it the action has always been really high. So today i set about lowering it, since it seems higher there are now no frets.

I adjusted it to what i deemed a suitable level. and when the E string is played open it sounds fine, but when i play it on first fret i get this rattling sound. It sounds like its coming from the truss rod inside the neck ratting around. Although it could just be the string vibrating off the neck.

If i turn the truss rod back out, and raise the action again, it stops. But the strings are like around 8mm from the neck, and im no better off.

Its no big deal cause i hardly ever use this guitar, but i was just wondering if anyone could help me out. or explain something.

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