sup guys
tomorrow im getting my first guitar and i'm stuck between two amps

in my previous thread guys were talking bout the vox DA5 and the roland micro cube

so which do you think is better? and why?

just try them both, then it becomes a no brainier. There pretty much the same, just listen to both
They're about the same really, just play around see which one you like more. I personally would get the Micro Cube for the R Fier model, the DA5 can't compete with that! If you want you can already look both of them up on youtube, get an idea what they sound like.
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The options vary on the two, try them and see which has what you would use. They are both good small practice amps.
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They are both good.

Like others have noted, the Microcube has a better Mesa rectifier model, but I think that the Vox is slightly better for cleans, crunch & effects.

I played on the DA5's big brother, the DA15, when I first picked up electric guitar, and preferred it over the Microcube my buddy was using. We compared each tone and effect right next to each other, through the same guitar, and found that, besides the rectifier model, we preferred the Vox for everything else. (I don't think this was simply due to the larger speaker size in the DA15)