I just got my new Les Paul setup for the first time and i told them to put some 11s on there. I got it back today and i dont think they did anything. The strings feel the same. (But i have only ever used 9's I dont know if there should be a big diffrence or not) and i told them to adjust the neck because the 13th fret on the high e string is acting dead. But It is still doing it. Im not sure if they acctually did anything to it.
Im just wondering if there should be a big diffrence between the 9's and 11's. Sorry i just kept goin there :P
You should be able to feel the difference, the tension should be alot tighter.

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You should be able to just look and see that there bigger. 11's and 9's are a pretty big difference.
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Well, it's depend on if your last guitar was a 25.5" scale guitar or not. If it was then I would say the feel of a 0.11 on a short-scaled guitar (24 3/4) is not really far from 0.09 - 0.10 on a long scale one (25.5).

Longer scale guitar has more string tension than short scale. It's just physics.

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