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With straw
16 24%
Without straw
51 76%
Voters: 67.
I was making a joke about how the taste difference is between drinking soda with and without a straw, only to find out that there really is a taste difference, I tested this on Coca-Cola and Pepsi only, so far. Go ahead, and try drinking them with and without a straw.

So, UG, which do you prefer, with, or without a straw. And "Because its less messy" is not a reason, its purely taste.
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I like my POP in a bottle...

W00t, fellow pop sayer!

I prefer a bottle or can with no straw....in an ice filled glass I like a straw but I can manage without....
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I actualy think it tastes better through a straw.

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I drank a Diet Coke through a straw the other day, it tasted horrible.

Without ftw.
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Man that's badass.

Are we talking straight straw, bendy straw, or one of those sick curvy straws? This is critical to answering the question. I prefer without because it's more convenient to just crack it open with the tab, but I'm a big fan of straws when other people take the time to place them in my beverages.
Unless it's in a fast food cup, with the lid and whatnot, I never use a straw.
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****! Keenan & Kel! Are those guys still around?

Isn't one of them dead?

Edit: Apparently not. Don't know where I heard that.
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Isn't one of them dead?


...That was a rumor.

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Without. I prefer to drink my soda without a straw, and without ice. If I go to a fast-food place and sit-in, I do use a straw, but otherwise it's without. And I never get ice, if I can help it. All it does is dilute the soda, and doesn't even keep it cold. It just makes more water and messes up the flow of beverage.
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Heyyyy, look at that, the use of "soda" or "pop" by people in this thread seem to correspond to their location!

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Pepsi > Coke

pepsi>coke<cream soda

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i drink without a straw, but it is much more hygienic to share drinks through straw than by mouth

no backwash either

im going to get flamed but pepsi and coke taste the same
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Without, I'm not a 3 year old who can't drink normal :P.
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