Can anyone help me find a Beginner Tab..

like ive never played my guitar before and dont kno nuthin about it guitar tab...

I like Metal... nice heavy Death metal...

but what ever is easiest to play?

btw i have an electricic guitar and i have kno idea if the guy at the music store tuned it right..
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Beginner lessons on the lessons tab maybe for tuning, or just pm me. Also for future reference, this should probably go in guitar beginer section. Don't want you getting banned or anything.
well i dont ry tuing anymore cz last tim iried **following someones video*** i broke my bottome "E" (the smallest 1).......
then buy a tuner.....and if your just starting try something other then metal.....like mainstreem rock....you may not like it but it takes almost no talent to play one of those songs.....

actually just most are easy there are some talented people who are also considered mainstreem....
lear oh canada its really easy to play and it has a little bit of speedy parts (for beginner players) and after you get it down then transfer every thing to powers chords. its actually kinda fun to shred oh canada.lol
This isn't metal, and I hate the song, but "Holiday" by Green day is very simple. VERY simple.
...but if you've never played before, try some simple bass riffs, like "Some on the Water" and "Iron Man"
And "Misirlou" can be played with one finger. those were the first songs I learned.
Oh, yeah! And Bulls on Parade is really simple.
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Well if you want something heavier to play but still easy, just about all of Linkin Park's stuff is a piece of cake. When I first started I was in the same boat as you as far as wanting to play metal but knew it wouldn't be playable for quite some time. I started off on their cover of Nine Inch Nail's "Wish" and also did "Given Up" and "No More Sorrow" they're REALLY easy songs and still pretty heavy. They're all in drop D though so figure out how to tune your guitar, then your low e string (which is the thick one) gets tuned down to D. I also suggest blink-182, they've got some pretty easy stuff (I Miss You is kinda slow and boring but it's one of the easiest songs out there). Blitzkrieg Bop is another really easy one. When you get a little better (as in have the LP stuff down) you could move onto some harder blink and then I looked into Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, and a few of The Used's songs, as well as a little Nine Inch Nails. None of this is metal but I still found it to be pretty fun to learn with, I'm only a few months in myself.

P.S. Knights of Cydonia (Muse) isn't too bad if you can tremolo pick, I'm not sure how long that'll take you.
Get a guitar teacher, if you're just now starting out then it will be easier if you get one. You don't have to go for a long time just go for a month or 2 until you learn the basics and then you can get around to learning songs you want. Also buy a chromatic tuner as tuning by hear is not an option for you and relative tuning probably won't work for you.